We are still closed for donations until later this Spring, but hang on to your donations until we can reopen.

Please come during staffed donations hours if you have a large donation or want a tax receipt.  We'll be glad to help you.  If you have more than 20 boxes, please email us and put "donation" in the subject line; we may need to arrange a special time for you to bring your items.

Small numbers of 

books and other donations may be put through the self-service drop slot at any time, except when the Sale is actually in progress. Please use the plastic bags in the mail box near the drop slot to protect the books.

To prepare items for donation, please read the donation guidelines and tax receipt information given below.  In order to get a valid tax receipt, please print and complete the online form BEFORE coming to the warehouse. Be sure to give the total number of books you are donating in each category. 


We Gladly


Sorry, We Can't



Covid 19

To all our wonderful Book Sale customers,

We won't be able to open our doors for our Spring Sale in May, so we're postponing the Spring Sale until further notice.  We're considering options for having a Sale in June or July or bringing books to the community in other ways.  Meanwhile, keep checking here for updates, stay well, and read!